Much like us, our four-legged feline family members require the right amount of exercise to stay in shape. Indoor cats, in particular, lack the activity that their outdoor counterparts get on the daily. If you don’t have the patience to learn the ropes of a leash and harness, a cat wheel can prove beneficial to your Bengal or Savannah kitten.

Benefit 1 – It Increases Metabolism and Strength

A cat wheel will work your feline’s muscles and burn excess calories in the process. Regular exercise can increase their metabolic rate—perfect for cats who are slightly on the hefty side.

Benefit 2 – It Promotes an Active Lifestyle

Lazy cats might make for an excellent photo opportunity, but they’re also at greater risk of disease and obesity.  An active cat is an energized cat and one who can enjoy a lengthier lifespan. High-impact exercises, such as a round on the cat wheel, increase bone density, making your cat less prone to injury.

Benefit 3 – It Reduces Stress

If you’re a frequent traveler, leaving your cat to their devices for long periods can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. An anxious cat tends to engage in unwanted behaviors such as scratching, spraying, and making loud noises. A cat wheel can help release pent-up energy that otherwise would’ve triggered more aggressive reactions.

Benefit 4 – It Maintains Emotional Well-Being

There’s no denying how much a cat loves its sleep—but prolonged feelings of fatigue due to boredom or illness can make for a miserable cat! Like us, a balanced lifestyle is most beneficial for your cat.

Benefit 5 – It Improves Blood Circulation and Bone Strength

Increased circulation means a healthy, happy, and highly-energized feline! Clogged cells put your cat at risk of inflammation and sore joints, which will likely mean another trip to the vet. Skip the bills and long lines with a cat wheel, which can help improve your cat’s cardiovascular health.

By running, your cat decreases its blood pressure and blood fat levels. Afterward, your feline friend can indulge in a deep stretch and lots of relaxation.


Walking your cat isn’t something everyone does—so alternative exercise methods are the way to go. If you’re an apartment dweller or don’t have space in your yard, a cat wheel makes for a great exercise tool for your cat!

Round and Round: Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Wheel, Bastet Exotics

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