The Bengal cat is a cat breed that’s gaining extreme popularity recently. It is a domesticated cat breed that is a cross between other domestic cats, such as the spotted Egyptian Mau, and the Asian leopard cat. People refer to it as a miniature leopard. It has affectionate and playful qualities that make it a great addition to any family.

If you want to know more about the Bengal cat, here are some amazing facts you should know:

On the Origin of the Bengal Cat

  • This breed was created by Jean Sudgen Mill, a cat breeder from the US. The breed was a response to people’s desire to have a cat with wild-like body markings but with a domestic cat’s disposition.
  • You do not need to fear this breed, as Bengal cats are considered domesticated. They are friendly, gentle, and loving. However, the earlier generations were more challenging to raise as they were not sociable.
  • Snow Bengals are white- or light brown-patterned Bengal cats. They appeared during the early development of the breed when some of the domestic cats used were carriers of recessive colourpoint genes.

The Bengal Cat’s Characteristics

  • Their coats are their most distinctive part. The base colour can be marbled or speckled with different kinds of markings. They can be arrow-point rosettes, open rosettes, closed rosettes, and bicoloured rosettes. Some of them may inherit the “glitter gene,” which gives their coat a sheen, making it look like their fur is sparkling in the sun.
  • Do not be surprised if there comes a time when you cannot find your Bengal cat. They are great at jumping and climbing, therefore also very good at hiding in the most surprising places. They are active cats that can jump up to three times their height.
  • Do not expect them to doze on the couch all day. This breed needs to play all the time. Make sure to play with them once a day or provide them with cat-friendly toys they can play with. 

The Bengal Cat’s Personality

  • What is surprising about this breed is their love of water. They love it so much that you will be surprised to find them drinking from the tap. They even love to drink by dipping their paws into the water bowl and then licking off the water, instead of drinking straight from the bowl. Do not be surprised if they follow you into the bath or shower.

Important reminder: Do not have a fish tank inside the house, as Bengals love dipping their paws in water.

  • This cat breed is highly intelligent. Bengal cats quickly recognize human gestures and expressions, and they immediately adapt their behavior accordingly.
  • They are very chatty. These cats always look like they need to tell you about everything, especially when they need or want something. If you try to ignore them, they will only meow louder. Their meows can give you the impression of a wild animal, ranging from different tones, sharps, and lows.

How Bengal Cats Think and Act

  • Bengal cats have an excellent memory that can sometimes be bad or good. For example, if they get stuck in a particular room for a whole day, they will intentionally avoid the same place for several weeks.
  • Even if they are already domesticated, their wild instincts do not go away. They are still exceptional hunters. Apart from mice, they also hunt for squirrels, birds, and moles. Do not be surprised when you receive a gift of such animals from them.
  • They are also good at learning new tricks. Like dogs, they are easy to train. They can be taught basic commands such as “high five,” “lie down,” and “sit.” You can also teach them to open doors, lift bin lids, and turn light switches on and off.


The Bengal cat is an interesting pet to have, not only because of their cute physical appearance but also because of their personality and intelligence. They look wild on the outside, but they are gentle and affectionate cats. They can quickly get along with children and other animals inside your house. Any house will have a great time raising and playing with them.

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