Experiencing new things can be overwhelming and frightening for your new kitten. They may go through stress when you don’t ease the transition from the breeder to a new space. Taking a couple of days off work will help you begin the bonding process with you and your cat.

How to Help Your New Savannah Kitten Settle Into Your Home, Bastet Exotics

Savannah kittens are extremely playful and adventurous. You’ll need to remember that each cat breed has different personalities. Knowing your cat’s personality will help you ease them into their new environment and help you make the necessary adjustments during this transition.

When you’re moving your new Savannah cat into your home, you must practice a few things to help them settle comfortably. Here are some critical moving in tips to take note so that your tiny feline friend can adjust quickly to their new environment.

Start with one room at a time

The first thing you want to do is to contain them in a small room. This allows them to learn litter box habits in their new environment and reduces the chances of feeling overwhelmed. When you introduce your kitten to a bigger space, chances are, they may find areas to hide instead of exploring. However, they’ll be more comfortable exploring the space in a small room and feel much safer.

When your kitten feels safe, they’ll quickly adjust to familiarizing themselves with their new toys, other family members, and pets.

Settling in is a slow and essential process

Having a new Savannah kitten in your home is exciting, but you should remember that it’ll take time before they are completely relaxed with you and their new environment. The adjustment period in a new home can differ from animal to animal. One way to help them feel more comfortable is by introducing your kitten to other areas of your home under your supervision.

Aside from introducing your kitten to new spaces, you’ll want to inject new habits into their routine slowly. In the first week, help your kitten practice new litter box habits by scheduling “break” sessions in the original room. During the session, give your kitten some space to eat, drink, and use their litter box. This way, you’ll help them create proper litter box habits, and their “break” sessions will reduce. This is because they’ll feel more comfortable about running around your house, and they’ll be used to the idea of that small room being their “break” room.

Be patient when introducing your kitten to other family pets

The first time your new kitten will be introduced to other family members can be stressful, but it’s more nerve-wracking to introduce them to other pets. The great thing about a Savannah cat’s personality is that they are friendly around kids and other animals. Since they have little fear of dogs and different kinds of pets, introductions won’t be too challenging. However, if you have other cats at home, introductions might be more challenging for your Savannah kitten.

Resident cats are territorial, and sharing their home and family with a new kitten can be difficult. The relationship of your Savannah cat and other resident cats can start a bit rocky. However, facilitating play sessions with each other can help ease the transition. Ideally, you should play with your cats in one room during this period so that your cats feel equally important, and your new cat will feel more comfortable towards the other cats.


Allowing your new Savannah kitten to settle in their new home at their own pace is necessary during this process. You don’t want to skip important moving in steps because it may affect their quality of life in your home. Registered catteries will give you extra tips to make the transition smoother and this new experience less stressful. By remembering these few tips, you’ll help your new kitten settle in quicker and be more comfortable around you and your other furry pets.

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