Bengal cats are famed for their stunning coat and likeness to their wilder counterparts. A cross between a domestic cat spotted Egyptian Mau, and Asian Leopard Cat, Bengals are unique and a sight to behold. Modern owners are often most enticed by their exclusive rosette markings but are blissfully unaware of their other sterling characteristics. If you feel a Bengal kitten is right for you, at least one of the following benefits is undoubtedly on your list.

  1. Their Wild Appearance Makes Them a Designer Breed

Though cheetahs and leopards make suitable zoo inhabitants, they won’t fare too well in anyone’s home. Instead, Bengals are an excellent substitute.

The Bengal’s astonishing coat is no accident. Bred in the 1960s, Bengals were finally recognized by the International Cat Association in 1991.

  1. They’re Incredibly Social

If you’ve never heard of a dog-like cat, you have now. Bengals are curious and active—they love being entertained. These high-energy felines won’t bode well with boredom and will benefit from having a companion. Whether a second Bengal or another breed, your feline friend will enjoy being a social butterfly.

Engage with your Bengal by going for frequent walks. They may even learn to play fetch along the way or become the talk of the town at your local dog park!

  1. They’re Quite Colorful

Bengals’ coats and spots vary in colour—from gold, rust, brown, orange, sand, buff, and ivory. Some Bengals sport iridescent coats that glitter under the sunlight!

On the other hand, spots can range from rust, charcoal, and black. Hardly will you find two Bengals with an identical pattern, much like a snowflake!

  1. They’re Unexpectedly Water-Friendly

For most cats, the stereotype rings true—not very many are big fans of water. However, a Bengal won’t hesitate to go for a swim or even attempt to join you in the shower!

Indulge your Bengal in a kiddie pool of their own and keep an eye out for your aquariums. You never know when your goldfish will go missing.

  1. They’re a Brainy Breed

Bengals are an intelligent breed. They are easy to clicker train and will even enjoy learning how to operate interactive toys and food puzzles. Complex playthings are an excellent way to keep your feline friend occupied while you’re out running errands.

However, keep in mind that Bengals are quickly bored. Sometimes, they’ll learn to entertain themselves in ways you won’t appreciate, such as scratching up furniture or “redecorating” your walls.


Overall, Bengal cats are trainable, athletic, loyal, and excellent company. They make an ideal family pet and will even get along with other species! Keep in mind that Bengals are vocal and love to communicate their thoughts—they’ll likely enjoy singing along with your toddlers and neighbours. Ultimately, Bengals make for a perfect companion, given that you can smother them with as much attention as possible.

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