Depending on who you ask, cats are good for the soul. Adopting a Savannah kitten into the family can make for an exciting choice for the experienced pet owner. They’re active, attentive, and love a cheeky cuddle or two—or seven. Cat lovers know everything about their beloved feline but are surprised to find out that they too pose health benefits!

Fact 1 – They’re an Effective Friendship Facilitator

Savannah cats are easy to walk on a leash, which means you’re likely to make a new friend at the local park. Mutual cat mother or fatherhood is an excellent ice-breaker, even when your four-legged friend isn’t tagging along.

Plus, the rarity of a Savannah cat can make for a fruitful conversation. Chances are, your typical cat owner won’t even have heard of them!

Fact 2 – They Help Relieve Pain

Yes, stroking your cat is therapeutic! Doing so can loosen tense muscles and provide short-term relief from chronic pain. A Savannah cat gets you moving, which is an excellent way to get your blood flowing and thoughts away from stressful circumstances you may be currently dealing with.

Fact 3 – They’ll Improve Your Mental Health

Mental and physical health are inextricably linked. In fact, instances of depression can increase the risk of heart disease and premature death. Not to mention, poor mental health can lead to equally debilitating choices such as smoking or indulging in alcohol or drug use.

Enter your Savannah cat, who is more than willing to perk you up and give you something to pay attention to! A few hours with your Savannah is more than enough to lift your spirits.

Fact 4 – They Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a leading killer in the U.S. and Canada. As we mentioned above, treating depression can, in turn, improve your risk of heart disease. Spending time playing or exercising with your Savannah can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, decrease triglycerides, improve stress, promote blood circulation, and boost mood.

Fact 5 – They’re More Forgiving Towards Allergies

Like Russian Blue and Bengal kittens, Savannahs are mostly hypoallergenic. While any cat—even indoor buddies—are likely to bring in dust and dirt, Savannahs are less likely to cause allergies.

Especially in a household with tons of toddler traffic, a Savannah won’t typically trigger bouts of asthma or sneezing. Plus, they shed minimally, which is less work for your lint brush and vacuum cleaner.

Fact 6 – They Force You to Exercise

Savannah cats are lively and rambunctious, so they’ll feel like a toddler in your home—even for childless cat owners. On the bright side, you’ll get your fair share of exercise. Train your Savannah to walk alongside you when you go for a jog. They’ll even be privy to obstacle courses and games such as fetch!

Regular exercise gets you moving, which cushions the risk of virtually every possible disease. If you run on a treadmill, feel free to ditch it for the occasional run around the backyard with your springing Savannah.


Savannah cats are high-energy felines that can become demanding—but come on, can you really say no to that face? Ultimately, owning a Savannah cat makes for a merry addition to any household. They’ll always keep you on your toes.

If you’re on the lookout for Savannah kittens, Bastet Exotics is more than happy to place a new bundle of joy on your doorstep. Contact us today to link up with the Savannah of your feline dreams!